Joules Candy Apple Gin Cocktail

Joules Candy Apple Gin Cocktail

Joules Candy Apple Gin Cocktail



      Ground cinnamon and fine sugar


      Martini glass 


      Pour a little ground cinnamon and fine sugar on a plate and give it a quick mix. Grab yourself a juicy lemon and give it a good squeeze into your cocktail shaker. Using the squeezed half of the lemon, wipe it round the rim of your martini glass and then dip the rim of the glass in the cinnamon and sugar mixture to create a sugar rim (like on a margarita!). 

      Add your gin and sugar syrup to your shaker with the lemon juice, and shake it with gusto for 20 seconds. Carefully double strain - through a fine strainer, as well as the hawthorn / top of your shaker - into your martini glass. Best served with loved ones and fresh air.