The Harvest Moon Cocktail

The Harvest Moon Cocktail

The Harvest Moon Cocktail

This special cocktail has been created to celebrate the Harvest Moon! On a single day each year, if the sky is clear, make yourself this delicious treat, pop outside and enjoy the view.

The full moon will light up the night sky, tinged orange or red near the horizon, before becoming a brilliant white at its peak, traditionally telling farmers to start gathering crops in time for winter.

This sweet serve is a double celebration, marrying together two of our yearly Falls Farm harvests: our Harrington Elderflower Gin and Harrington Sloe Gin. 



Fresh blackberries


Muddle your blackberries. Add ice, Harrington Sloe Gin, Harrington Elderflower Gin, and sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker. Give it a good shake! Fill a copa glass with ice, and strain your cocktail shaker into the glass. Top with Fever-Tree Soda Water. Garnish with fresh blackberries. Best enjoyed under a full Harvest Moon!