Last Word from Tom Warner - May




The Merry Month of May 

The merry, merry month of may, what a beauty she is!

Some very exciting news to start with! To kick start the great British summer, and ensure Her Majesty has plenty of the good stuff on tap for the Jubilee, we will be bringing our farm and the Spirit of the British Countryside to Covent Garden for the entire month of June! HRH and visitors will be able to sample our award-winning gin from our Warner’s Gin Barn which will be stationed in Covent Garden Piazza. We will also be selling gin by the bottle to take away, with a selection of limited edition personalised bottles also available! Chin Chin!

Meanwhile, the swallows are back on the farm, bright new green leaves and crops are transforming the landscape into a green and pleasant land.

The majestic British countryside is in full swing, she is the engine that feeds us, heals us, and cleans up our mess. As a nation we all need to become more connected to nature and what she has to offer.
We feel it is the essential role of business to bridge that gap and provide easy solutions for the worlds problems! Over the last 100 years, business has lost its way, PLC’s owned by shareholders, detached from purpose dominate our landscape but if you are reading this you are part of the new movement, supporting small businesses across our land that are leading the way to make changes.

As a nation, the UK is in the bottom 13% of nature depleted countries (one of the worst), this is equal to, if not more serious than, our carbon emissions crisis. We need to halt nature decline and drive nature positivity which is why at the distillery, and as the spirit of the British countryside, we strive to make epic drinks in harmony with nature.
We have a load of exciting things happening over the summer where we will be highlighting ways in which you can make simple changes to do better and we will be helping our partners across the UK to be better. We will also be breaking ground on some amazing nature positive actions at the farm including wetland projects and increasing our wildflower meadows.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun, the Jubilee celebrations, drink less but better, be nature positive and most importantly be United in Spirit.