Warner's Distillery Tours & Events

After a very long and very detailed assessment at our distillery, it is with great sadness that we that we have decided to remain CLOSED for the foreseeable and therefore postpone all our physical tours on our farm.

Although we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, our distillery is still a working farm, our biggest asset to the company and the home to Tom’s Dad, Ben who is a member of the high-risk category; it is therefore paramount that we put the health and safety of our family and fellow colleagues first.

At Warner’s, we pride ourselves on our authenticity and heritage, it’s the land that we depend on to make our gin so EPIC, so unfortunately with a ‘COVID safe’ lens, our 200-year-old facilities are proving quite stubborn in it’s new environment…!

Do note that the team are working their absolute socks off to find the best solutions to get you to Falls Farm, sipping our fabulous liquid, but as we are only a small (but mighty) family-run firm, it just takes us a little longer then the big guns out there: remember we aren’t
just CRAFT Gin we are GRAFT Gin 😉