Warner's Distillery & Secret Cinema

Hold the scandal sheet! Warner’s are the official gin partner of the Secret Cinema new immersive Bridgerton experience!

Guests at this delightful yet scandalous soirée will be part of the luscious life of the most disreputable echelons of 1813 England. Lady Whistledown´s Society Ball will be the society party of the season and we've been working hard to craft some outrageously delicious cocktails that should fit RIGHT in.

To kick things off we've created a duo of strikingly beautiful cocktails, The Daphne & Simon (see where we're going here). The first, a sensual and delicate Elderflower Collins! The second, a punchy Negroni full of heart, taste and gunpowder. Yes, it literally has gunpowder in it.

Watch this space for more magnificent serves, surprises and perhaps other less-refined activities…..

Warner's Distillery Ltd

The Forbidden Kiss

Warner's Distillery Ltd

The Duke’s Duel

The Queen Bee

The Scandal Sheet

Get in on the drama

Enjoy an immersive experience which includes a 3-hour soirée where you will dance, wine and dine with esteemed members of Bridgerton.

Tickets start from £49