Warner's X Four Pillars

Warner's X Four Pillars Gin

A special edition collaboration between two gin & nature loving distilleries

What began as shared appreciation between two distilleries that love the outdoors but are on opposite sides of the globe has blossomed into something lovely! ​

The Healesville, Australia-based Four Pillars and Warner's have a long-standing partnership, so it seemed only fitting to honour it with a gin-based project!

 Four Pillars & Warner's Gin

After sharing ingredients from Warner’s Rhubarb and Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz, many a gin was tasted and story shared, as we both experimented to create a delicious twist on the other’s classic.

The result is a couple of  ABSOLUTE CORKERS!

Warner's & Four Pillers Gin launch

We got to work, taking our Harrington Dry Gin and distilling it with Australia’s finest Shiraz grape juice, used in Four Pillars famous Bloody Shiraz. 

Four Pillars took it fruity, taking our pure rhubarb juice used for our award-winning Rhubarb Gin and blending it with apples from the Yarra Valley.