Warner's Nature Marque

We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of Nature Marque, a first-of-its kind initiative that will support our mission to educate and enable people to do their bit for nature, through the transformation of spaces.

Created with the support and guidance of our friends and charity partner The Wildlife Trust BCN, Warner’s Nature Marque has kicked off with an accreditation scheme that will be awarded to pubs that have taken steps to make their outdoor spaces welcoming for people and the furry, feathery punters. Actions that can be taken will include, planting wildflowers and pollen-rich flowers, installing bird boxes, bug hotels, hedgehog highways and much more!

To receive a Warner’s Nature Marque accreditation, pubs will be guided through a review of the space they have, then will be shown different ways they can help nature have the best chance of thriving in their outdoor space. This will all be done with the support from members of the Warner’s team and Wildlife Trust BCN.

The straightforward process has been built as a points-based system to enable pubs of all sizes and locations to participate, from those with large outdoor spaces in the countryside, to smaller urban settings.

To support the launch, we have teamed up with Emmy and BAFTA award-winning British documentary filmmaker and wildlife photographer, Doug Allen, to produce the first wildlife documentary shot entirely in a pub garden!
The hope is to help people become more aware of how nature can flourish around us, as we sit and sip our G&T in the sunshine.

If you are a publican that would love to do your bit for nature, or you are someone that wants to nominate a pub for an accreditation, find out more below!