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How do I find out about new flavours

Make sure you're signed up to our email newsletters or follow our social channels to be kept up to date with any new product launches. Sign up to our emails here

Do your gins contain any synthetics

All of our gins are made from natural ingredients, many of which are grown on our Farm!

Do you sell non-alcoholic "gin"?

We actually do! Although it can't be called gin but it does taste just as good. Visit our collection called 0% Botanic Garden Spirits

Do your gins contain any allergies

Our gins do not contain any of the 14 recognised allergens required for declaration on the packaging. We do use almonds in some of our gins during distillation, but we’re happy to tell you that the allergenic proteins in the almonds are not volatile so do not carry into the gin – they are left behind as a waste stream.

What ingredients are in your gin?

We don't currently list all our ingredients but if you would like to know for personal diet or allergy reasons please do email - we can guarantee that they do all contain juniper and we aim to grow as many of our own botanicals as possible.

What mixer do you recommend with each gin?

Our suggested serve can be seen in the product description on the product page. This is just a suggestion as you may wish to experiment with different mixers - feel free to tell us your ideas!

How can I find the technical information of your products?

We are currently working on providing these on our website but in the meantime, please contact

Do your gins contain nuts?

The proteins in nuts, which can cause an allergenic reaction, are not carried into the gin as they are removed during distillation, and lost as waste. We are confident to declare none of our gins contains any of the 14 recognised allergens. However, while we operate very tight food safety systems, achieving a Grade AA in our BRC Global Food Safety Certification, we do not specifically operate a 'nut-free' environment.

Are your drinks vegan?

The following are not vegan: Honeybee, Strawberry & Rose, Lemon Balm, Christmas Cake Gin, Harrington Dry Gin, Botanical Rum, London Dry and Saints London Dry Gin

How do I make a sugar syrup?

It's really simple, sugar and water, 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, dissolve the sugar into the water in a pan over a low heat, the longer you leave it on the heat the "syrupier" and thicker it will become. Once is cooled, pop it in a bottle and store in the fridge.

What garnish do you recommend?

We have lots of suggestions and cocktails on our website - here's the link - but it's always good to experiment!

I'd like my bottle personalised, is that possible?

Yes! We offer personalisation on most of our 70cl bottles, it's really easy to do and you can see the image of how it would look on the bottle before you confirm.

What will the parcel look like?

All our orders are delivered in a beautiful Warner's branded box. At the moment we do not offer unbranded boxes but it is something we are working on.

How do I track my order?

DX will pop you an email with your Tracking reference when the Courier has picked it up from us - you will be able to follow it's progress with that. If there are any unexpected delays or problems with the delivery at any time please do pop us an email to

I've entered the wrong delivery address, what do I do?

Please email - we will check all emails prior to despatching orders but the quicker you contact us the easier it is!

Can I specify a delivery date?

Unfortunately we are unable at this stage to specify delivery dates, all orders that are non-personalised are processed the following working day and despatched on a 24 hour service. Please bear in mind that in extremely busy periods there could be some Courier delays.

How long will it take my order to be delivered?

Orders placed Monday-Friday (by 08:30am) will be processed the same or following working day and despatched on a 24 hour service with DX. Orders placed Friday after 08:30, Saturday and Sunday will al be processed the following Monday. Personalised orders are processed 3 times weekly so you should allow 5-10 days for delivery to be safe.

What payment methods do you offer?

Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa and Maestro

Can I make sure there is no invoice in my order?

Of course! Make sure you add a Gift Message - free of charge - and we will ensure no other documentation is included

Can I change the gins in the bundles?

We do apologise but as we are such a tiny team and all working remotely I am unfortunately unable to amend the products in the Bundles, in normal circumstances this would not be a problem as we would be working alongside the guys at the Warehouse, but at the moment it’s impossible.

Can I personalise the bottles in a hamper?

Unfortunately not at present but we are working on it.

I have a problem with my gin - who do I contact?

Please do email and we will be with you Monday-Friday within 24 hours

How do I add a discount code?

You can enter a discount code just before you make the payment within the checkout section of the website.

General queries
Do you give to charity?

We have a select number of charities to which we donate, email for more details.

How do I apply for a job at Warner's?

All open job roles are advertised on our careers page or on our Linkedin page. You can also email

Do you sell bee hotels?

We are currently waiting for bee hotels to arrive and once they do we will pop them onto the website!

How do I plant my free seeds?

Please find a link to the planting guide here

Do you have a physical shop?

We don't currently have a physical shop but we sell all of our products on the website, at many independent retail stores and Supermarkets!

I'm looking for Corporate Gifts - do you have any?

Of course! We can build a package to suit your budget and needs. This can be physical items such as personalised bottles, hampers or tours. Get in touch here

Subscribe & Save
What is Warner’s subscription service?

Want to get your hands on our bloody epic gin more often? Our subscription service allows you to choose which of our 70cl bottles of gin you would like to receive and how often. You’ll even save 10% on every subscription order and delivery will be free! Don’t worry, you can easily change or cancel your order within the subscription section of your account. Use the code FREEDELSUB on your first order for you free delivery to be applied to all ongoing subscription orders.

Do I have to do anything to receive free delivery?

Yes, you need to use the code FREEDELSUB on your first order and this discount will also be applied to all ongoing subscription orders. Your 10% will be taken off automatically.

Do I receive free delivery on the rest of the items I purchase?

No, the FREEDELSUB discount will only apply to your subscription bottle and any future subscription deliveries. If your basket total is under £40 for your remaining items, you will still need to pay our standard delivery fee.

Can I pick and mix the bottles I receive?

Yes you can! It’s simple to do, just go into your account and it will give you the option to select which bottle you would like to receive next.

Which 70cl bottles are included?

You can order any of our delicious, multi-award winning 70cl gins as follows:

Rhubarb Gin

London Dry Gin

Sloe Gin

Raspberry Gin

Harrington Dry Gin

Honeybee Gin

Elderflower Gin

Lemon Balm Gin

Our subscription service does not apply to bottles in our Warehouse Outlet.

Is there a minimum amount of bottles that I will need to subscribe to?

Yes, by subscribing you are agreeing to receive a minimum of two bottles.

Sign me up now! How do I do it?

Easy! Just head over to the Farm Shop on our website and take a look at our range of multi award winning gins. Then on the product page, just select ‘subscribe and save’ and choose how often you’d like it to be delivered. Checkout as normal and we’ll sort the rest!

I’ve subscribed, what happens now?

Once you have subscribed you will be sent a confirmation email. The email will include a link to your account where you will be able to manage your subscription. Your first order will arrive as normal and then all future orders will be placed automatically at your chosen frequency. We’ll take the payment at the time each order is processed.

We’ll send you an email before each delivery so that you know you’ll soon be receiving another bottle of our epic gin and you can change the order or cancel if needed.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time after you have received your first two subscription deliveries.

To cancel, you just need to head over to the subscription section under your account and select the subscription you would like to cancel.

How do I change my subscription?

Just head over to the subscription section of your Warner’s account and select your active subscription. From there you’ll be able to manage your order dates, quantity, how often you will receive your epic gin and you can also skip your next order.

Already finished your bottle and don’t want to wait until your next delivery date? No problem! You can do so by selecting deliver now and your next bottle will arrive perfectly packaged in a couple of days.

Your billing and delivery information can also be managed in this section too!

Can I skip my next subscription delivery?

Not quite ready for a top up just yet? Don’t worry, you can do this under your subscription service section of your Warner’s account. Select the order you would like to skip and click the ‘skip this order’ button.

How regularly can I schedule my orders for?

You can choose between 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

Do I qualify for free delivery?

Free delivery is available on all subscription orders. For you first order, you simply need to enter the code FREEDELSUB at the checkout.

How do I take a look at my future deliveries?

You can see all future deliveries under the subscription section of your Warner’s account.

How long will my subscription run for?

Once you’ve set up your subscription it will run with no expiry date. An indefinite supply of gin…everyone’s dream, right? If you do want to change, skip or cancel your subscription just head over to the subscription section of your Warner’s account.

Can I use discount codes with my subscription?

Our subscription service gives you 10% and free delivery (just make sure you pop the code FREEDELSUB in at the checkout!) off all our 70cl bottles of gin (exclusions apply, please see ourT&C’s) which is added automatically. No other discount codes can be used on your subscription orders.

Can I have my subscription deliveries sent to different addresses on different months?

Yes, this is possible. However, the address will remain the same for future deliveries once it has been changed so you will need to remember to go into your account and change it for the next one.

When do I need to choose or cancel my next bottle by?

You will need to choose/cancel your next bottle by your next charge date which you can set under the subscriptions tab on your profile.

Can I choose a gift set as my subscription product this month?

Unfortunately not, our subscription offer is only available on our 70cl bottles of Warner’s Gin.

Can I have a personalised bottle?

Our subscription service does not include personalised bottles.

Can I use my 10% off on other purchases?

No, the 10% off and free delivery only applies to your subscription.

If I don’t order a bottle one month, can I have two next month?

No, you are able to pause your subscription if you want to skip a month.

Can I choose to renew my subscription after 1 year rather than an indefinite subscription?

Our subscription service is a rolling subscription so as long as you have received 2 subscriptions then you can cancel at any time.

Can I claim my monthly bottle at a stockist rather than waiting for a delivery?

Unfortunately not, our subscription service is only available at

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