World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Launched in 1974, World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June in over 143 countries. The flagship campaign raises awareness on emerging environmental issues, sustainability, pollution and global warming, whilst acting as a platform for positive change.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; we grow over 25% of the ingredients used in our award-winning gins and are self-sufficient in several botanicals already, having planted over 5,700 so far. We’ve helped to plant over 5 acres of wildflower meadows, gifted over 100,000 wildflower seeds, planted over 750 trees at the farm in the last year and currently care for approximately 1.2 million honeybees at Falls Farm.

2020’s World Environment Day theme is biodiversity. Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity and is crucial to the survival of our planet. Every single species has an important role to play in our environment; plants, animals, insects, even the tiny little microorganism guys all have a job to do.

Recent bush fires in Brazil, Australia and the USA, locust infestations in East Africa and of course the extensive flooding across the UK have all had a devastating effect on these regions but, with a little help from us, Mother Nature can spring back into life.

Get Involved

It’s so easy to get involved at home.

  1. Plant trees and shrubs to encourage birds to nest and insects to thrive in your garden
  2. Create a pollinator paradise by planting wildflower seeds in your garden or window box or installing a bee hotel.
  3. Leave an area of your garden to ‘go wild’ to encourage wildlife
  4. Provide food and water for your visitors
  5. Compost – it’s free, easy to produce and little insects and bugs love to hang out in it.
  6. Be messy! That’s right, leave a pile of leaves, twigs or stones in a corner. You’ll be amazed at who might move in.

Our partnerships with RHS and PTES have enabled us to support many biodiversity and pollinator projects since 2017 through sales of our Honeybee and Raspberry gins respectively. We’ve been encouraging the nation to ‘Get Growing’ by sending out wildflower and lemon balm seeds with all deliveries, meaning you can create your own pollinator paradise at home or GYO garnish for a sundowner G&T.

Find out more about some of the amazing work our partners at PTES are doing to improve the biodiversity in our orchards or check out some hand tips from the RHS about how you can create you own little wildlife haven at home.