Cyber Monday FAQs

Can I use a discount code with the offer?

Unfortunately not, if you do, you will not qualify for the offer. Choose wisely ;)

What do I need to do to get the offer?

As long as you have spent over £50 and you are one of the lucky 500, this will be added automatically.

I can't see the offer in my cart/checkout stage, will I still get the free Pink By Nature?

Don't worry, providing you qualify and are under one of the first 500 qualifying orders, we will still send this

We are aware of a small number of people not being able to see this at the checkout but we have our tech team on it.

I have previously ordered before the offer came out, can I get this offer added onto my previous order?

Unfortunately not, the offer is limited to one day only (Monday 30th November). You would need to place a new order (fingers crossed you are one of the 500)