Make your own crackers


Our Warner’s Christmas Cracker & Gin Set, the perfect festive bundle filled with everything you need for your Christmas table.

Did you know that a whopping 40 million Christmas crackers are thrown away
after the festivities are over every year? Many end up straight in landfill, unable
to be recycled because they’re made with glitter-coated cardboard, excessive plastic packaging and single use, throw away novelty toys.

Because they’re 100% natural & completely recyclable, our Limited Edition Christmas Cracker sets are the perfect way to get crafty or creative, whilst providing a uniquely personal gift for your guests and massively better for the environment.

Celebrate good times, bad jokes and the wonder of nature with Warner’s and share our farm-grown gin this Christmas.

Create your crackers

1. Gently push out all the ‘diamonds’ from the necks of the cracker boards.

2. Each cracker has four sets of crease lines. Lay cracker design side down, then gently crease the lines to help with assembly later.

3. With cracker still design side down, place your snap handle along the length of the flat cracker so that each end of the snap sits evenly on the handles.

4. Stick the snap securely at both ends with glue or sticky tape.

5. Gently roll the cracker to join the middle tab into the slot. Take care to avoid tearing the crackers where the ‘diamonds’ have been removed.

6. Insert the tabs at both ends into the corresponding slots. Tie one end of the cracker with string, raffia, ribbon or whatever you’ve chosen to decorate your cracker with.

7. One you’ve filled your cracker with the gin, hat, jokes and treats close the other end, tie it up and get cracking!

Decoration Inspiration

• Holly/Fir cones

• Festive bells (reusable – bit like you get on a dog/cat collar)

• Ribbon/Twine

• Patterned paper/fabric/card (non-metallic)

• Dried fruit slices

• Wooden decorations

You Must Be Joking!

Personalise crackers with individual notes, jokes and games or use one of these gintastic jokes from our team...

What happened when Tom ran over his bottle of gin?
- He got a sloe puncture

Why did the gin and tonic break up?
- The relationship was on the rocks

How much tonic does Father Christmas like in his G&T?
- Just a dasher

Man walks into a bar with roll of tarmac under his arm. Barman asks “What can I get you sir?”
- The man replied “One large gin and tonic and one for the road please”


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