Tasting Notes

A gin tasting experience without the BS

‘Scuse the language but here at Warner’s we believe life’s too short for mediocre gin. So in 2012 we set out to save the world from it.

On our glorious gin farm, we grow, harvest and distil all-natural ingredients – even the tricky ones. There’s no corner cutting here, just doing our bit for the planet and making the best bloody gin possible.

Real ingredients just taste better.

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ll let the natural flavours speak for themselves.

Warner's London Dry Gin


Warner’s London Dry Gin served with a handful of ice and splash of top-end tonic

Our London Dry is an absolute belter. Handmade with lavender, lemon verbena and angelica – grown fresh on our farm.

All you need is a handful of ice and a splash of tonic to let the natural flavour sing. It's a proper, honest gin that doesn't need to hide behind garnishes.

And when we say a splash of tonic, we mean it. Don't bloody drown your gin! Too much tonic will dilute all that farm-grown flavour.

Nose: The scent of a botanical garden in full bloom, which just so happens to be where we pick our ingredients from.

Taste: It’ll wake up your tastebuds with a gentle, sweet and lemony-junipery-sherberty kiss.

Finish: A gentle, spicy finish captures the essence of the coriander, cinnamon and angelica root. The scent of a botanical garden in full bloom, which just so happens to be where we pick our ingredients from.

Warner's Raspberry Gin


Served with top-end tonic, mint and a toss of berries

Yes, this one’s jammed full of raspberries, but it’s got blackberries in it too.

In fact, one third of every bottle is pure, lip-smacking berry juice. That’s where the liquid gets its gorgeous colour from – not an artificial colouring in sight.

It’s out of this world with top-end tonic and a sprig of mint. Toss in some berries for good measure.

Luckily, that’s exactly the combo you have sat in front of you.

Nose: It’s not freshly made home-cooked jam you can smell, but the sweet smell of hand-picked British berries.

Taste: It’s big, it’s bold, it’s unforgettable. A smack of rich, ripe raspberries, you’ll forget it’s even boozy.

Finish: Elderflower and blackcurrant combine on the finish to give a soft and
lingering zing.


Warner's Rhubarb Gin


Served with ginger ale and a slice of orange

Call us traditionalists, but we think rhubarb gin should actually contain some
bloody rhubarb. Sounds obvious, right?

But the thing is, most ‘pink gins’ use artificial flavours made in factories not fields.

Whereas we throttle tonnes and tonnes of real, farm-grown rhubarb until we have enough for every bottle. (One third to be precise).

Nose: You’ll get a fresh rhubarb aroma with a hint of black pepper. But don’t hang around smelling, get bloody tasting!

Taste: Give it a big ol’ sip. The kick of rhubarb sweetness, cardamom and
thirst-quenching orange hits you hard.

Finish: Savour the long, sweet cinnamon finish. You can practically
taste the sunshine in this cracking gin.

Warner's Elderflower Gin


Served with top-end tonic, mint and a slice of lemon

Warning: more than 300 elderflowers lost their heads in the making of every bottle.

No wonder it’s got a killer taste.

When the buds flower in June we get to work. It’s 2 weeks of full-on graft night and day, but bloody hell it’s worth it.

This really is the taste of summer in a glass.

Nose: Smell that? That’s elderflower with a hint of hazy summer evenings sitting in a glass.

Taste: With 300 elderflowers in every bottle, you’re guaranteed to get the zing
of a bunch of blossoms in every glorious mouthful. Delicious.

Finish: Juniper, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, elderflower, it’s like a bouquet
of refreshing flavour. What’s not to love?