Warner's Virtual Gin Tour FAQs

If you have any questions regarding the Warner's Virtual Gin Tour, please view our FAQ’s below:

Q: I would LOVE a virtual tour, what are the next steps?
A: Once you have selected the option A from the list and wish to join us live for a virtual tour you will be contacted within the next 5 working days on the next steps

Q: I want to do a virtual tour, but I cannot do the dates offered?
A: if this is the case, do not worry as we will have lots of other dates that you can choose from, please just select ‘I can’t do this date’ in the option list and we will contact you within the next 5 working days

Q: What is included in the Virtual Tour?
A: do we really want to ruin the surprise? Please sit tight, we have got so much fun coming your way! A Gin Pack will be sent safely from our door to your door which will include an agenda for the tour as well as what you will be tasting throughout the hour and half

Q: How long does the Virtual Tour last?
A: The tour will be running over a handful of dates to suit our audience and each session will run between 1h15m to 1h30m

Q: How is the Virtual Tour set up?
A: The tour will be held over Zoom with step-by-step instructions communicated within your Gin Pack that will arrive to your doorstep at least 24 hours prior to kick-off. You will need to make sure the app is downloaded to your PC. Phone or Laptop in order to join us

Q: What Gin is part of the tasting?
A: you will wait and see but prepare yourself for TASTE EXPLOSIONS

Q: Who is the tour with?
A: ok, we can let you in with one of our secrets for the tour… it will be hosted by the Gin God himself, Warner’s Distillery founded: TOM WARNER – prepare yourself for education, fun and a LOT of tasting!

Q: I want to swap my tour ticket for a bottle of gin, what is the process?
A: Once you have selected the option for a 70cl bottle of Gin from our Gin Shop you will be contacted within 7 working days with a one-off unique code that will need to be added to the ‘coupon section’ at checkout on the website. Please note that there will be 1 unique code for 1 bottle of gin; if you wish to purchase more Gin then please do so! The code can only be used on 1 transaction

Q: I want to swap my tour ticket for a bottle of gin, what’s the limit?
A: if you select option C within the list that you will be able to swap your purchased tour ticket for ANY 70cl bottle of Warner’s Gin from our Gin Shop on www.warnersdistillery.com.

Q: I have multiple tickets but wish to swap this for gin
A: if you have purchased 2 or more tickets through the 1 tour transaction and wish to swap this for a bottle of 70cl gin from our website you will receive the relevant number of unique codes on 1 email. Please note these can only be redeemed per transaction so you will need to have to purchase separately in order to receive your FOC gin

Q: If I selected ‘refund’ from the option list, how much will this be?
A: Your refund will be £25.00 per purchased ticket and will be returned to the original buyer within 10 working days

Q: I have requested a refund but it hasn’t showed up in my account 10 working days later?
A: please contact our dedicated Virtual Tours Team on: virtual@warnersdistillery.com

Q: Who can I contact if I have queries?
A: Due to Covid-19 and office restrictions our Virtual Team will only be able to be contacted via email during normal working office hours (virtual@warnersdistillery.com)

Q: Age limit?
A: each participant must be 18 years or above