Warner's 0% FAQ's & myths answered

 0% botanical garden spirits



Ways to start a debate on social media? Easy. Discuss politics, religion or whether Die Hard really is a Christmas movie. Alternatively, do a post about Warner's 0% Botanic Garden Spirits range. 

Dividing the nation in ways not seen since those heady days of Brexit, there are myths and misconceptions aplenty surrounding the lo and no drinks industry. With that in mind, it feels like the perfect time to respond to a few recent messages and comments we received about our non-alcoholic range...

Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.


 1: “They’re just bottles of sugary flavoured water” Susan 


 If by flavoured water, you mean 100% natural non-alcoholic spirits distilled from scratch with 90% of the ingredients sourced from our farm, then you’re absolutely right! There’s also no added sugar or artificial nasties in them either. They’re completely natural, just as nature intended.


2. “Why, just why? Just have a coke like normal teetotallers” Claire 

Our 0% range aren’t just for teetotallers. They’re a cracking grown-up alternative for anyone choosing not to drink alcohol. We believe you shouldn't have to settle for a pint of squash or cola. Enjoying a non-alcoholic spirit (or beer, cider or wine - whatever your preferred tipple), means that you can still have a proper drink when out with friends.


3. “Only Lefty Woke Snowflakes of our society that can’t handle their booze will buy this stuff” Mark 

Not sure we’d us the same terminology to describe all the pregnant ladies, designated drivers, sports people, anyone going dry/damp for January or just looking to drink less but better who’ve bought and loved our Warner’s 0% spirits. We prefer absolute legends!


4. “I don't understand why alcohol-free spirits, which presumably pay no tax, are often more expensive than heavily-taxed real gin, whisky, etc” Linda 

Creating a proper non-alcoholic spirit is bloomin’ tricky and took our epic team of distillers nearly 3 years to perfect the recipes before we launched them in September 2020.

They may not be the cheapest non-alcoholic spirits available in the shops but that's because they're filled with real ingredients, real passion, using real, proper processes here at our independent family-run distillery. They’re born on a farm, not in a factory, and Falls Farm is home to many acres of botanical gardens, all cared for by our epic Head Groundsman, Martyn.

To be honest, it’s a total faff at times and it would be so much easier, not to mention cheaper, to pop synthetic flavourings into our spirits instead but that’s not who we are. It’s not what we do.

So why do we do it? Because we believe that real tastes better.
And you know what? It really bloomin’ does.


 0% Botanic Garden Spirits