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Strawberry and Rose Gin

From £5.00

Warner's Strawberry and Rose Gin #default


Strawberry and Rose Gin

From £5.00

40% vol.

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Jam-packed with strawberries & balmy summer nights

Sumptuous strawberry juice meets real, fragrant rose petals: a true taste of British summertime

Serve with Mediterranean Tonic & garnish with a slice of orange and sprig of mint.

About this Gin

Every bottle of this decadent gin is filled with one quarter pure strawberry juice and velvety soft, fragrant rose petals. Indulgent, aromatic and fruity

40% ABV.

 Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Fresh Strawberry Jam, Juniper, Orange oil.
  • Taste: Rose and Crème brûlée with nutmeg and cubeb spice.
  • Finish: Rose blossom and strawberry compote.


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