A few words from Tom - August 2023

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Another fantastic newsletter from moi, Thomas Henry Warner!


It’s peak summer, the school holidays are landing and its full on Barbie-Heimer fever out there! I think those two blockbuster films (Barbie and Oppenheimer) are the two ends of humanity, bright pink optimism and dark annihilation. So, I think we should all be a bit more like Barbie, and here at Warner’s, we are more at the Barbie end of the spectrum in our mission to spread joy to the world through the tastiest drinks possible made in harmony with nature, and yes some are even PINK, but unlike Barbie there is nothing plastic about us!


Whilst we talk about Barbie, have you tried the Rhubarbie cocktail?! It’s a beautiful and refreshing summer serve, and if you want something non-alcoholic swap out the rhubarb for our 0% Pink Berry…the Pink Barbie!


 Warner's Rhubarbie Cocktail


Fill a glass with ice, add 50ml of Warner's Rhubarb Gin and 15ml of fresh lime juice then top with Fever-Tree Pink Grapefruit Tonic and add a wedge of orange.


COME AND SEE US!!! Tours are absolutely jumping at the moment, the farm and botanical gardens are looking AMAZING, and we would love to show you all around and ply you with fantastic drinks!!! It’s almost certainly the best distillery tour in the country, but don’t take our word for it.

“Absolutely brilliant! Love that the tour is run by the people who actually work at the gin distillery so all questions could be answered, and everything was explained so well. And, obviously, the samples for tasting were amazing!”

“Just done the Warner’s Distillery Tour, and I would highly recommend it. Having done the Bombay Sapphire and Plymouth Gin Tours, this one is so much better for so many reasons - the fact that it was the owner who hosted the tour, the enthusiasm with which he gave to the tour, the information given during the tour, and the number of samples given throughout the tour. Because of all of that, I have now got the taste for so many different flavours of Warner gins, and neat rather than swamped by tonic. I truly appreciate the flavours in the varieties on offer, so much so it was difficult to choose which ones to buy at the end of the tour. Will definitely be ordering more of different flavours to drink at home. Will also be revisiting again to appreciate more varieties again.”


 Warner's Distillery Tours


Tina and I were in America in May to train our new US sales team, and got to visit the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky. It was an awesome couple of weeks and we paved the way for the gin to arrive in market, which it did on the 11th July! We will soon be MAGA – Making America Gin Again!


 Warner's in America


The first honey harvest of the year has happened, did you know 1lb or honey takes the bee’s twice around the world in terms of distance travelled? This means our bees on the farm have travelled around the world 529 times! That's also 27.5 trips to the moon and back!


Warner's Honey Harvest


We have also just finished the annual Elderflower harvest, like the bee’s we travel the length and breadth of the local hedgerows collected the finest blossom to make our beautiful elderflower gin. No flavourings no synthetics, 100% natural farm grown ingredients, it was my mums recipe and is a beautiful liquid.

 Warner's Elderflower Harvest

The best day of the year is WORLD GIN DAY, this happened on the 10th of June this year, it also coincided with the Harrington (best village in the world, where we live) Flower Show. So we combined the two events, flung open the doors to the distillery and launched our Blossom Gin. A beautiful gin with fresh floral notes and bright grapefruit which makes an INSANELY beautiful G&T. We harvest all the rose that goes into the gin from our farm!


Big news, we are launching in Sainsburys this September, our fantastic London Dry gin will be available nationwide. When your trying to save the world from mediocre drinks have a London Dry that nine out of ten consumers prefer is a great start, so if you haven’t tried it, look out for it in Sainsburys!!!


Enjoy the taste of the British countryside with a FREE gin spritz kit this summer! Keep your eye out when you’re doing your weekly shop and pick up a bottle of Warner’s Rhubarb or London Dry Gin and scan the QR code on pack to redeem your free gin spritz kit. Promotional bottles are now available in selected stores ranging from Waitrose and Tesco to Majestic and local farm shops. 

 Warner's Spritz Blitz

Sooooo much going on at the moment, and we know its tough out there, the politicians are lightweights the economy is screwed, the planets on fire and nature is depleted but is we all try and be a little bit more RhuBarbie about things we can wear some rose tinted glasses, drink less but drink better and remember……you'll never do a whole lot unless you're brave enough to try!


Lets get after it gang!