Gift of Nature Box into a Solitary Bee Hotel

How to turn our Nature Box into a solitary bee hotel!

Solitary bees are the real heroes of the pollinator world, did you know, they are 120 times more efficient at pollinating than a honeybee? 

You will need the following;

  • 1 gift of nature box
  • Scissors
  • Garden twine
  • A bundle of bamboo canes (foraged stems can also be used such as;  teasel, cow parsley or elder)
  • Ruler
  • Hand saw

 Create a home for solitary bees by following these steps:

  • Measure and cut bamboo canes into 9cm sections
  • Insert cane sections into gift of nature box
  • Continue adding canes packing them into the box until they begin to hold themselves as the box becomes full
  • Tap the last cane in firmly to secure all canes secure inside the box

Note: Canes have a series of nodes along the stem which will blank off the tube or reduce the nesting space for bees. Make sure this node is closest to the back of the box so the bees can utilise the length of the tube for nesting. Place your solitary bee hotels in a sunny area, approximately 1-2m above the ground, and secured so it does not swing in the wind. Mason bees and leaf cutter bees are most likely to take up residence and do not sting, they should start looking to nest between March -July.


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