Joules X Warner's

Joules X Warner's

Located just 10 minutes drive from each other, through the rolling hills of Northamptonshire and into Leicestershire, our friendship with Joules is born out of a shared love for the countryside, nature and deep rural roots.

Released to celebrate Joules’ 30th anniversary and the start of an amazing partnership, our Apple and Pear gin is inspired by sun-filled country walks and the bountiful harvests from our local orchards and hedgerows as Warner’s Distillery founder, Tom explains:

“As gin farmers, we are custodians of the land and rely on the generosity of nature to both inspire and create our farm-grown gins. We cultivate our own extensive botanical gardens from which we grow and harvest many ingredients for our gins and experiment with new flavours. We also look to the natural hedgerows surrounding Falls Farm, where we can forage fruits, and collect fresh honey from our beehives. For our new Joules x Warner’s Apple & Pear Gin we wanted a contemporary take on what makes our countryside and culinary traditions so epic.”

Harvested from orchards on a balmy summer evening, our Joules x Warner’s Apple & Pear gin celebrates friendship and nature. 100% natural, brimming with fresh elderflowers and apple and pear juice, it’s perfect served with a Mediterranean tonic, slice of apple and loved ones at sunset.

“It’s very clean, rounded and balanced for a pleasant, smooth drinking experience, yet packed with fresh-picked fruits and botanicals,” explains Jeremy Stephens, Warner’s Distilling & Technical Director. “We’re really proud that no man-made flavours are used in the production of Warner’s gin. Everything we do is uncompromisingly real; there is nothing artificial and the flowers and plants are all handpicked. Even the water comes from a spring on our farm.”

Joules’ classic, original and ever-popular hand-drawn Cambridge print, was chosen to decorate the Limited Edition release after a bit of refresh, as the Joules team explain:

“This print has been a firm favourite for the past three decades and we love spotting it when we’re out and about. Like all our prints, it is hand-drawn by our talented designers and has adorned many of our items, from wellies to wallets. We’re proud as punch of our prints and to see it become a family favourite has been the cherry on the cake.”

“When it came to the bottle design, both Joules and Warner’s knew we wanted to create something special that could be enjoyed for years to come. We love things that are good for our countryside and the truth is that our bottles are simply too beautiful to throw away.”

Joules founder Tom Joule says: “We’ve known our friends at Warner’s for some time – we’re located minutes away from each other. As well as both brands being steeped in a love of the countryside, we share many of the same values: our businesses are family affairs, we’ve built ourselves up from nothing and have then remained staunchly independent.”

“Just as I did the rounds of country shows and market stalls with Joules clothing thirty years ago, Tom and his wife Tina have worked around the clock to innovate, produce the best and get their gins into people’s hands; we’ve swapped stories on the blood, sweat and tears. Once in a while it’s important to take stock and celebrate how far we’ve come. We’re thrilled with Joules x Warner’s Limited-Edition Apple & Pear Gin – I like mine with tonic, ice and garnished with two fresh blackberries and a slice of apple – and we want everyone to celebrate with us!”

We’ll raise a glass to that! Cheers!