Sloe Harvest Tips Rules

Sloe Harvest: tips & rules from the team


You will need:

  • Walking stick
  • Umbrella
  • Gloves
  • Bucket

Put on your gloves. Hold your umbrella upside down underneath a sloe bush. Hook your walking stick around a branch and pull it down towards you. Gently pluck the individual ripe sloes with your fingers, allowing them to tumble into your umbrella, then pour them into your bucket. Avoid stripping the branch, as you will catch unripe sloes as well as leaves and twigs. Any berries that are still firmly attached to the bush are not ripe, so leave them be until your next visit.



Remove any twigs and leaves – these will be detrimental to flavour. You can use a hair drier to blow the leaves away as you pour your sloes into a bucket. This will be both fun and effective.

Freeze your sloes until 01/10/17 – this ensures that they stay ‘fresh’, whilst bursting the skins and saving us from hand-pricking them all!