Spring at Falls Farm


Spring is the time of year when our beautiful distillery, sat within the heart of the British countryside, bursts into all its colourful glory. 

Here at Falls Farm, we are surrounded by and inspired by nature. It’s a key part of who we are, and we take care of it, the way it takes care of us.  

Spring is also one of the busiest times of year for us and the farm is buzzing with activity! The bees are leaving their hives to collect pollen and nectar from the hedgerow blossoms, like blackthorn, whilst providing a vital pollination service for our Autumn harvest of sloes. 


There is now a honey flow on, as hedgerow blossoms and crops, like oil seed rape, provide us with the honey we use to sweeten our delicious naturally flavoured gins. 

April into May means nurturing the soil and plants in our botanical gardens and getting the angelica seedlings from our greenhouses into the ground for the growing season.  We plant around 1000 every Spring and this grows into one of the key, real ingredients we use to make our 100% natural gin.

This month we were visited by students from Moulton College in Northampton, who spent some time stepping outside at Falls Farm to learn more. We’re supporting their curriculum, which is the RHS practical horticulture course, whilst we in turn are grateful for their hard work in helping us plant our fields with hundreds of lavenders and lemon verbena. 

When we say craft is graft, it’s a collective effort. At Warner’s, we actively seek opportunities to work in partnership with local community groups as well as supporting wildlife programmes.