Stepping Out

Taking a moment to step outside and breathe in the fresh air, even if it’s for as little as 20 minutes, gives us time & space to think and is incredibly important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, nature has a habit of showing itself even in the most unlikely of places, meaning there’s lots for you to look out for locally.

 For The Love Of Lichens

Lichens are unusual creatures, part plant, part fungus. They’ve evolved over millions of years, meaning you’ll now find them in incredibly diverse and varied locations around the planet, popping up in the permafrost of Antarctica or on your own front doorstep. They don’t have roots & when you get close to these tiny organisms, you’ll see an amazing array colours and patterns. Because they get everything they need from the air around them, finding lichens in your area are a good indicator of your air quality.


Everything’s Rosy

Rose hips, fruits of the rose plants after the petals have fallen, can be found all over the country. Rich in Vitamin C, the’re fantastic for helping to boost immune systems and taste delicious when used to create a fragrant syrup served with sparkling water or in cocktails & desserts. Check out this recipe from River Cottage

 Don’t Forget To Look Up

During the darker, winter months, Mother Nature gives us some phenomenal sunrises & sunsets, as the weather changing rapidly from brooding snow clouds to stunning scarlet sunsets.

Starlings gather together in breath taking murmuration’s at dusk, migratory birds visit our rivers, lakes, fields & hedgerows so grab the chance to see one of our passing feathered guests in your local green space.

 Be That Fun-Guy

Ok, we admit that the pun never gets old, but you’ll be amazed at the cool fungi you’ll see out and about in urban parks and rural walks. Some mushrooms, like Mycena, can be incredibly small! See what the smallest mushroom you can find, look out for the weird and wonderful that look like luminous blobs of jelly, like this delightfully named Yellow Brain Fungus - Tremella mesenterica. Whilst we’re sure you’ll all be ever so careful when out and about, stay safe & don’t taste or eat anything unless you’ve done your research and have identified your mushroom.

Yellow Brain Fungus