Meet Jonny, our Conservation and Sustainability Manager (and all-round legend)! 

Jonny previously worked as a Marine Biologist and beekeeper who diversified into the gin industry and joined the Warner's team in 2017, swapping a boat and dry-suit for a copper still and a 200 year old barn at Falls Farm. His passion for wildlife and conservation has taken him on an amazing journey, from monitoring climate change on top of our highest peaks, to surveying for habitats and species across our coastal waters. His mission is now not only to help save the world from mediocre gin but also to demonstrate how businesses and conservation can work hand in hand for a bright and sustainable future.

Part of the ethos of Warner's is about engaging with the wildlife and countryside around us. We would like to encourage those who enjoy our gins to do the same. Going forward we will be showing you how we can all do our bit no matter how small. 

In future weeks we will be covering some of the green initiatives that we can all get involved with from the conservation of energy, water and natural resources. To recognising the importance of a healthy countryside from food security to our own mental health.

Keep an eye on our social pages and website for regular updates!

 Jonny beekeeper