The making of Spring Blossom 2020 Gin

The making of Spring Blossom 2020 Gin


So, the secret is out …. Spring Blossom is back for 2020!

Last year was the first time we released our Spring Blossom gin and we had a phenomenal response to it. It was on an incredibly small Limited Edition run and sold out really quickly which was brilliant! We were very proud of what we’d created in 2019 but are always trying to find new and innovative ways to do things in the distillery, so started thinking about what we could do to improve it.

Tell us how you did that.

In last year’s distillation, the spice notes were brighter, partly from the cardamom. We wanted to integrate the spice and floral notes together more, to make a deeper, richer floral version for 2020. We looked around us for inspiration, using our farm-grown raspberries, foraging rosehips and fresh primrose. We added fresh heather, elderflower, along with rose and lavender water, while adding grapefruit peel for the bright citrus top notes.

Wow, that sounds amazing! Will we get all of this when we taste it?

Absolutely! On the nose, you should get subtle floral notes of lavender, freshly pressed grapefruit and elderflower. When you try the gin, you’ll find intricate layers of juniper, grapefruit and elderflower, along with the soft spices.

We really wanted to experiment with some interesting botanicals that we haven’t used before in our gins. The team worked hard to create this new recipe and are so happy with the final recipe. It includes some unusual botanicals, including...

And that’s a wrap, gin fans. You’ll have to guess the rest for yourselves.😊

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