The White Lady Of Harrington

Happy Halloween, Gin Fans!

Did you know, our very own Falls Farm is notoriously haunted by a restless, once murderous-now guilt ridden lady of the manor, locally known as the White Lady of Harrington?

Jane Stanhope, Countess of Harrington (1755-1824) was a society hostess & heiress who served as a lady of the bedchamber of the British Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III.

The eldest of five children, the death of her father in 1763 left her and her sisters co-heiresses to an enormous fortune of £100,000.

Although she became a gambler like many of her class, Lady Harrington was 'blessed with domestic happiness' & surrounded by aristocracy of generally loose morals, she was considered the epitome of virtue...However, legend has it she killed her gardener with a spade for planting something somewhere he shouldn't...(!) And her ghost now walks the falls, & the sight of her is said to be the premonition of your death...