Upcycling your Gift of Nature Edition into a bird box

How to upcycle your Gift of Nature Box into a bird box.

Birds will look for cavities of a specific size within trees and with a specific diameter of entrance hole. These sizes differ depending on the species. Your Nature Box was designed with common British garden birds in mind, specifically blue tits and coal tits with an entrance of 25mm. A perch at the entrance is not necessary as tits do not rely on these to enter the box. Tits scout out nesting sites through Autumn and Winter months and mainly gather nesting material and occupy boxes from February /March. The wood used has been selected for its durability for outdoor use, however to ensure that the bird box has the best chance of being used, it must be sited in a suitable location. The bird box must be securely fastened and not swinging around in the wind, it must be located in a dry position, between 2-4m off the ground such as in the eves of a building, or tucked into a patch of ivy.  A north-east facing aspect is good as it avoids the prevailing winds and associated weather, angling the box slightly down allows water to slide off the roof, the addition of a slate is a perfect addition to upcycling your bird box.


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