Warner’s Blossom Gin Mother’s Day Cake

Elevate your Mother's Day celebration with our show-stopping Blossom Gin Cake – a culinary masterpiece crafted with the essence of nature. Infused with the floral elegance of our Blossom Gin, each bite is a symphony of zesty aromas, silky floral notes of elderflower and rose, and a hint of spice.🍰
It's more than a cake; it's a gesture of love, a token of appreciation for the remarkable mothers who bring beauty and warmth into our lives. Let every slice be a sweet reminder of the joy and sophistication found in nature's embrace.🌸
For the cake:
400g Unsalted butter
400g Caster Sugar
400g Self Raising Flour
8 Medium eggs
For the Blossom Gin syrup:
100g Caster Sugar
100g Warner’s Blossom Gin
3 freshly squeezed lemon wedges
For the filling:
200g butter
400g icing sugar
50ml Warner’s Blossom Gin
For the drip:
250g icing sugar
50ml Warner’s Blossom Gin
Top up with cool water if needed
A food mixer (or strong arm)
2x 8 inch round cake tins
Greaseproof paper
Cocktail stick
Wire cooling rack
- Pre heat oven to 160 degrees.
- Grease and line your 2 cake tins with greaseproof paper.
- Add butter and sugar to a food mixer and blend together until smooth.
- Add half the eggs and flour and blend until smooth.
- Add the remaining eggs and flour and blend until smooth.
- Pour evenly into your 2 tins and bake for about 50 minutes in the centre of a pre-heated oven. Check that a skewer or sharp knife comes out of the cake clean before removing from the oven.
- While your cakes are baking add the caster sugar and gin for your syrup to a pan and boil until the sugar has dissolved. Squeeze in the juice of three lemon wedges and combine.
- Remove your cakes from their tins while warm and pierce small holes into the tops of the cakes, taking care not to pierce through the bottom of the cake.
- Evenly spoon your Blossom Gin syrup over the cakes, filling the holes and set aside to cool on a wire rack.
- When your cakes have completely cooled, slice off the top layer to create two perfectly even layers.
- Use the remaining butter, icing sugar and a splash of Blossom Gin to make your butter cream, blending in a food mixer until cool. Evenly spread or pipe the buttercream onto your bottom cake layer. Evenly place your second cake layer on the top.
- Using the cool water, icing sugar and a splash of Warner’s Blossom Gin mix until smooth to create your drip icing. Using a teaspoon, gently tease the icing over the edges of the cake in uneven amounts to create different height drips around the outside of your cake. Top tip – start slowly and with a small amount of icing, you can always add more if you need to.
- Using the remaining icing, spoon into the centre of your cake and smooth out with the top of a spoon to meet the drip border on the outside of your cake.
- Decorate however your mum would like, we’ve opted for fresh flowers inspired by the rose petals used to create our delicious, yet delicate Warner’s Blossom Gin.