Warner's Distillery Garden: RHS Chelsea Countdown

Warner's Distillery Garden: RHS Chelsea Countdown

Just about two weeks out from seeing the end result of months of planning and work for Chelsea Flower Show and we are starting to get incredibly excited! The build of our Garden started last week, and we thought it was time to start sharing with you some of the smaller details of our beautifully designed Main Avenue show garden. Designed by Helen Elks-Smith and built by Landscapers Bowles & Wyers' Dan Riddleston, the garden also incorporates several smaller independent artists & craftsmen.  



At the centre of the garden will be a pavillion with a complex water feature. Water will flow down through a string of copper fins to mimic our distillation process here at Falls Farm in our stunning stills, Curiosity & Satisfaction. A series of complex water features will wind in and out of the walls creating gentle arcs and streams, before disappearing into the ground. Many hours were spent experimenting with different ways to achieve the correct effect!


The central pavillion in the garden, as well as water trough and steps into the garden, have been hand picked from a Lincolnshire quarry. The dry stone walling has been built by Dan Riddleston's team, and is inspired by the abundance of beautiful dry-stone walling here and around Falls Farm. 


The garden will be beautifully lit by specialists at Owl Lighting. Sally, Owl Lighting, is creating a lighting scheme to ensure that on greyer-days at the show, and in the evenings the garden will always be viewed in the best light. This will help smaller details such as the epic glass panels to be seen and appreciated in all circumstances! 


The central pavilion will also be home to some beautiful panels of handmade glass, designed & created by artist Wendy Newhofer. The panels feature a blue tint created from copper reacting with glass - inspired by the distillation process of our gins that takes place here at the farm. 

Social Space

Sitting proudly in the Garden is a beautifully handcrafted table and benches, designed to create a space within the garden to socialise with family or friends. Designed and built by hand by a Derbyshire based carpenter, Jack Badger, the clean lines of the table perfectly balance the dry-stone walled pavillion back drop, and add a modern touch to the whimsical flower-meadow feel of the garden. 

Keep an eye out for more sneak peaks on our social channels in the run up to the big event!