Warner's Tasting Set (8 x 5cl)


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Ever wondered what’s at the end of a rainbow? Treasure, leprechauns, the meaning of life …… we’ll be honest, we’re darned if we know.

However, a rainbow gift filled with gin, just like our epic Warner’s Tasting Set. Now that’s a kaleidoscope of colour.


1 x 5cl Warner’s London Dry Gin

Farm-grown, easy-drinking and gorgeous-tasting, it’s a good, honest gin that doesn’t need to hide behind naff gimmicks.

1 x 5cl Warner’s Raspberry Gin

Yes, this one’s jammed full of raspberries, but it’s got blackberries in it too In fact, one-third of every bottle is pure, lip-smacking berry juice. Insanely refreshing

1 x 5cl Warner's Elderflower Gin

Warning: more than 300 elderflowers lose their heads in the making of every 70cl bottle. No wonder it’s got a killer tang.

1 x 5cl Warner's Rhubarb Gin

Every bottle is one-third rhubarb juice. So it’s naturally pink.
It tastes like rhubarb and looks like rhubarb because that’s what it ruddy well is: rhubarb.

1 x 5cl Warner's Sloe Gin

If you don’t LOVE sloe gin, there’s only one good reason.
You haven’t tried ours yet.

1 x 5cl Warner's Harrington Dry Gin

Named after our village. Made with spring water from our farm. This is us in a bottle.
You’ll struggle to keep a lid on it. Bit like us.

1 x 5cl Warner's Honeybee Gin

Not just any old honey gin. This is honeybee gin. Dedicated to the millions of teammates we’ve got on the farm.

1 x 5cl Warner's Lemon Balm Gin

Fresher than fresh. Once we’ve picked the lemon balm on our farm, we’ve got just one hour – ONE HOUR – to get it to the distillery. Who thought this was a good idea?


Taste of Warner's

Our gins are crafted with nature