A few words from Tom Warner in July

How did we get to the end of July?! In a blink of an eye, Wimbledon came and went, the country hit record breaking temperatures and to top it all off, the lionesses roared to victory at the Euros!

And now the Summer holidays are here... that's if the planes decide to take off! Whatever you're doing or wherever you're going, life always tastes better with a delicious G&T to hand!

So cheers and enjoy the summer with family and friends.

Mother Nature continues to do her best to ignore us and work around our idiocies. We experienced temperatures this month never seen before in our country, which as you can imagine has had an impact here on the farm. We are well underway with various harvests now. Angelica and elderflower are done for the year, the first honey harvest has happened, and the lavender harvest is in full swing. All these plants are grown for flavour but also for nature. The biodiversity created by our crops is staggering and supporting an increase in mother nature at the farm. One very obvious increase has been the number of swallows at the farm this year! It’s fantastic to see their aerial acrobatics as they feed on the invertebrates pollinating the botanicals for our gin.

As a small business trying to do the right thing, we have struggled to push nature positivity past the confines of our farm, but push we must! You may or may not know that the UK is in the lowest ranking 13% of nations for nature decline, making us one of the worst offenders in the world. Our green and pleasant land is not so pleasant anymore and it is our collective responsibility to make a change or face an uncertain future. This is why we have just launched Warner's Nature Marque to encourage and help the 27,000 pub gardens in the UK become nature rich places for us and nature to enjoy. Not only do our liquids taste EPIC but they are helping to champion the cause for mother nature and turn the tide on nature decline – drink gin and save the world!

So have a great summer, drink less but drink better and the sun is always over the yard arm somewhere!