Rhubarb Gin Spritz

Colourful characters, this cocktail is for you! Made with Warner’s Rhubarb Gin, distilled with real rhubarb and crammed with countryside flavour. Topped with Belvoir Farm Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice and Prosecco.

Elderflower Gin Spritz

Our spin on the classic Warner’s London Dry Gin and tonic is as invigorating as a countryside ramble. Finished with Belvoir Farm Sparkling Elderflower.

Berry Cheeky Spritz

Fruity fans, this one’s for you. The cheeky berry flavours fresh from the hedgerow invigorate the British countryside feeling with every sip. Add a splash of dry rosé wine, peach liqueur and top with soda for the perfect sundowner.

Blackberry Spritz

he Blackberry Spritz, containing our Pink Berry 0% Botanic Garden Spirits has been created by @badcatalice

Blossom Spritz

Perfect if you like a strong, yet delicate cocktail

Garden Spritz

Tastes like a an English garden with the the addition of rhubarb and a bit of a sparkle - absolutely delicious. It's also a delightful drink to enjoy in the sunshine with friends and family to celebrate the start of summer.