Warner's Tongue Twister Taste Challenge

Welcome to Warner's, where we use real ingredients to make our 100% natural range of spirits, on our farm in the British countryside. To make our famous Rhubarb Gin, we press tonnes of real rhubarb, until we have enough juice to fill a third of every bottle.

We have enlisted the help of acclaimed lexicographer SUSIE DENT, to pen a ‘Rhubarb Tongue Twister’  that will give drinkers THE ULTIMATE Warner’s Rhubarb Gin drinking experience through the preparation of the palate!

Scientists at the International Flavour Research Centre at the University of Nottingham confirm that focusing on the flavours, through reciting the tongue twister, will give you an enhanced tasting experience! We are inviting you to take part in our Warner's Tongue Twister Challenge. Redeem your kit below and let us know whether Susie's tongue twister gets your taste buds tingling!

Warner's Distillery Ltd

Take the Warner's Tongue Twister Taste Challenge