Sustainability Sunday

Sustainability Sunday: The Big Butterfly Count

From 20th July until 12th August, we will be joining Butterfly Conservation in The Big Butterfly Count! This is a nationwide survey and we would love as many people to take part as possible. 

The aim is to observe how butterfly numbers are increasing and decreasing across the UK as populations respond to a changing climate. This can then tell us which species are the winners and losers, and how best to manage the land to ensure a healthy countryside. Remember that butterflies are great pollinators, and they help our botanicals to grow!

Head over to the website here to learn more and download a handy “spotting sheet” to record your sightings online. You don’t need to be an expert: it’s a fun thing to do with the whole family!

The Big Butterfly Count is one of a number of citizen science projects you can get involved and assist scientists in gathering information about the world around us. It’s a great way of doing your bit for nature and the environment, and you can do it in the comfort of your own garden with a gin and tonic! If you have 15 minutes to spare, take the time to stop and notice nature. Your sightings are important to inform scientist of changes within our environment.

Let’s do this, Gin fans!







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