Nature Experience

at Warner's Distillery

Are you looking for a unique and immersive experience? Join us for Nature’s Finest distillery experience this summer...  

You won't want to miss out on our unique “access-all-areas” nature experience where you will learn firsthand how we craft "Nature's Finest Spirits" here on our family farm in the beautiful village of Harrington, Northamptonshire. ​

In true Warner's form, you'll be getting stuck in with us!  ​Touring our 140 acre farm, tending to our magical bee hives, harvesting our farm-grown botanicals, all in addition to mixing up a cocktail and tasting our delicious range of course!

Warner's Distillery Ltd


Hop aboard our farm tractor-trailer ride for a fun and enlightening experience. We want to show you the acres of hand-cultivated land, which gives us the beautiful farm-grown botanicals we use to create our stunning liquids – from Farm to bottle! You’ll even get to pick-your-own botanicals!
Warner's Distillery Ltd


Then, join us in the Paddock (weather permitting!) for a hands-on cocktail-making experience, and enjoy an incredible Warner’s Lemon Balm Smash - led by our distillery team, you'll learn how we have become self-sufficient in the botanicals we use.
Warner's Distillery Ltd


Have you ever wanted to experience the fascinating world of beekeeping? Look no further than our beekeeping experience here at Warner's Distillery. Led by our expert beekeeper, Jonny, you'll get an up-close look at our thriving bee colonies and learn about the importance of these amazing creatures in our ecosystem. You'll also have the opportunity to put on a beekeeping suit and get a little closer to the action, a unique and unforgettable opportunity to connect with nature.
Warner's Distillery Ltd


Finally, you won't want to miss out on the rum tasting! We might just be the only Farm to actively plant dandelions – and you’ll find out why as our Team talks you through the incredible process we use to create our beautiful Warner’s Spiced Rum.

Finish your visit with 15% off purchases in our Distillery Bar, so you can take our nature’s finest spirits home and share with family and friends.

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In Harrington, you'll find the perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and enjoyment, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable weekend escape.

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