Rhubarb Gin with FREE tumbler

40% vol.

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Rhubarb Gin with FREE tumbler

Real gin has the countryside in.

To make gin this inappropriately good, you've got to get your hands dirty. And we do that alright. No fake factory flavourings here. We grow and handpick ingredients from our farm, or in the countryside a short steep beyond. 

About our rhubarb gin

Every bottle is one-third rhubarb juice. So it’s naturally pink.
It tastes like rhubarb and looks like rhubarb because that’s what it ruddy well is: rhubarb.

Cracking with Mediterranean tonic.
Absolute dynamite with ginger ale.
No need, but add a wedge of orange if you’ve got one going spare.

Rhubarb Gin with free tumbler


Freshly pressed rhubarb juice, juniper, coriander seed, elderflower, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, plus a secret ingredient…

Tasting Notes


Fresh, tangy rhubarb explodes on the nose with a pinch of black pepper.


The palate gives complex and mouth-watering rhubarb with cardamom and sweet orange.


Rhubarb returns with cinnamon for a long, sweet finish.


Taste of Warner's

Our gins are crafted with nature